Our beliefs define who we are and how we choose to show up in the world. When we get really clear on what it is that we believe in, we create containers for our free and full expression. I want to invite you to embrace your beliefs – to explore them, state them, share them. And so I’ve created Beautiful Beliefs – a new group writing project that I just know you’re going to love!

Every Wednesday, I will be sharing one of my beliefs and I would love for you to join me in sharing one of yours. At the end of my Beautiful Beliefs post, you will be able to add a link to your own Beautiful Beliefs post, and I would encourage you to go and read each other’s posts, connect with one another, leave comments, lend support. I get to see just how magical you all are, and I’d love for you all to see that too.

All you have to do is finish the sentence ‘I believe that…’ And then write a bit about why you believe that? How has that belief developed for you? In what ways does this belief show up in your life?

I can’t wait to read what you choose to share!

Please do feel free to grab a badge and write with me!


  1. Suzi
    May 17, 2012

    I believe whatever goes around, comes around.I believe there is a Universal energy that is taking care of us,and all our loving children.

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    May 17, 2012

    […] post is inspired by my beautiful friend, Amy Palko, and a series of blogs she is writing — Beautiful Beliefs.  If you would like to contribute, complete the sentence “I believe that…” and […]


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