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Today I asked the goddesses who would step forward to offer support and strength and deep deep deep understanding to all those who are struggling in this political moment. If I was to second guess which goddess would step forward, I would have been wrong.

I thought maybe Kali – Goddess of Cutting the Crap (Compassionately) – would cleave through the clouds of grief and confusion, bringing a sense of clarity and renewed purpose in her wake. Or maybe Tara – Goddess of the Lotus – would call to us to ground in our bodies, root into the earth, make sure that we are beautifully tending to ourselves so that we might then show up with full capacity to act with love, illumination and compassion. Or possibly The Moirae – The Goddesses of the Life-Line – who remind us that all things begin and end, and that this is just a moment in the ever-turning spiral of birth, life and death.

But it was Gyhldeptis – Goddess of Harmonic Agreement – that found her way through. And now that she’s here, I can’t think of a better goddess to be with us right now…



This goddess of the Haida people is thought to occupy the form of the cedar tree, and she is at the centre of a myth where various components of nature had to work together for a happy outcome. She rewards union, synthesis, co-ordination and collaboration.

She is delivering a way forward, but it’s going to require some work on your part to move forward as one. And Gyhldeptis is here to help us to create coherence.

She invites you to experience a unification of effort for peaceful progress. Whereas, in the past, you may have been inclined to be relatively passive in your approach, Gyhldeptis is suggesting that the way forward lies in bringing all the players to the table, so that you can create a harmonious balance of energy in your world.

The emphasis here lies in communication in order to find common ground. This will represent a move away from fragmentation, divisiveness, and discordance. And just as you address this unification at the level of the heart, mind, body and soul, it’ll be reflected in your outer world. Look for mirrors in the situations around you, and bring your ability to invite harmony into play – you’ll be doing a favour for yourself and for others!

See what I mean? She’s perfect for right now.

So, whether you are reeling over election results, railing against governmental or corporate decisions that impact us all, or raging over societal injustices, Gyhldeptis is showing up to say…

“Yes, I hear your pain, I see the chaos, I know the harm – potential and realised – that is present in this moment. And the way forward is going to be through unification, through communication, through collaboration. These threats to the wellbeing of all of us, but especially to the most vulnerable within these inherently patriarchal self-serving systems of global governance, economy, business, media, religion etc. are not about to go away if we turn our backs on them and pretend they don’t exist. You need to address the problem. You need to do that together. You need to co-ordinate action that will make a positive difference.

You are stronger together and can achieve more as a (truly) united community of equals, than you can when divided by those who most benefit from your fragmentation.”

It is my deepest wish in this moment that this message of true unification, of right action, of communication, collaboration, synthesis, harmony meets each of those who most needs to hear it with the love and the sincerity with which it is meant.


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