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I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things. All those tiny details that create an individual – a unique expression of self in a world full of unique selves. It makes my heart tingle with the magic of it all. So, I thought I’d share a few of my own ‘little things’ – things which make me, me!

  • When I was a teenager I learned to play the piano. I played pieces from the score of Twin Peaks almost exclusively.
  • I can’t open a tight lid on a jar or bottle top to save my life – I now have a purple grippy thing which has saved dinner on more than a few occasions.
  • I sing around the house *all* the time. My favourite songs are Fairground Attraction’s Perfect, Crystal Gayle’s Talking in Your Sleep, Mama Cass’ Dream A Little Dream, Irving Berlin’s What’ll I Do? and Julie London’s Cry Me A River. Don’t look for a link – it doesn’t exist!
  • Some of my best friends were found through social media, and, for this reason alone, I will be forever grateful to FaceBook & Twitter.
  • I am a total tea jenny and probably consume between 8 and 10 cups of various types of tea every day. Breakfast, Earl Grey, Rose, Chai…. mmmmmm….
  • I don’t know how to drive, and I have a suspicion that I never will.
  • My phd addressed anxieties of authorship – this has become uncomfortably ironic as I work on my first novel.
  • On my altar is a mirror, a bonsai tree, an orchid, a Ruthie Redden print of a mermaid Keeper of the Light, a Louise Scott illustration Seal Rising, a peacock and peahen feather, a postcard of Mandy Davis’ Women’s Country, a postcard of John Duncan’s Saint Bride, a red Archangel Michael beeswax candle, and a collection of seagull feathers and driftwood.
  • I’m a Scorpio who dives into the dark to reveal the light.
  • My favourite fruit is figs – I literally feel as though I’m dissolving into bliss when I eat a ripe fig.
  • Housework and I don’t mesh. We’ve come to a mutual agreement that we only converse on the odd occasion when it becomes truly necessary.
  • I see orbs, speak to angels, channel goddesses… I am so far out of the woo woo closet that I can be found dancing in Rumi’s field.
  • I like my wine deep pink and fruity. And sometimes with bubbles.

What are some of the small, seemingly insignificant details that make you your unique self?


  1. GlendaM
    January 19, 2012

    Love these little insights into the lovely you, Amy. Not surprising, but lovely none the less.

  2. Nikki Turner
    January 19, 2012

    Oh my Amy…. how wonderful… thank you for sharing your inner sanctum with us all!! “I’m a Scorpio who dives into the dark to reveal the light.” especially resonated with me!!!

    I really wanted to be Annie in my school choir but was too scared to put my hand up!

    I love ‘reading’ people, seeing how they work…. If I could people watch all day I really would… I have been called ‘nosey’ numerous times and I suppose I am!!

    I love my eyes… it is true… I do!!

    I love to feel sexy and a little kinky….

    Oh… and sometimes the B**CH in me rears her head and confuses, shocks and disturbs others including myself…..

  3. Jackie Walker
    January 19, 2012

    Mine’s a green grippy!! I didn’t know about your phd – think that and the figs were new to my ears :)

    Random things :
    I’ve had 27 jobs and 27 homes
    I have been every clothes size from 6-16
    I blew a didgeridoo in Kakadu
    I have a fear of birds
    That’ll do :)

  4. Lindsey
    January 19, 2012

    Oh, I love this! What a great compilation of details – I often think that the biggest things about people are most clearly glimpsed in the tiniest things. Like these! xox

  5. Miss Frangipani
    January 24, 2012

    Hi Amy,
    I came here via Lindsey’s blog. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to do one, too!

  6. Celina Wyss
    January 24, 2012

    What a wonderful idea, thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Alisa Brownlow
    January 25, 2012

    Also came to you via Lindsey’s blog. And Crystal Gayle is one of my not-so-secret faves. I know every word to every song on “Classic Crystal”. Also, Juice Newton. And the Xanadu soundtrack.

    Love this, and it’s so true. It’s the small details that make a person feel intimate to me.

  8. Ruthie
    January 29, 2012

    Amy, I love this post, so thought provoking & a delicious window, I am ever fascinated by the “little” things for they are very precious. How wonderful to read that “Keeper of the Light” is on your alter too!
    Hmm,little things?
    In my crazy days I rebellled & had a bright pink mohican.
    I have driven/steered a hovercraft out on the open sea & “parked” it on the beach.
    I hate worms, they scare me!!


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