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Business should feel thrilling, sustainable, inspiring, creative, nourishing…. business should feel practically magical. This is what I believe, and this is what I want for myself and for you.

Let me tell you a wee story…

I launched my online business approximately 3 years ago from a desire to do things my way. I had been working within the academic system for a number of years, not really making any progress and surrounded by those who were being swamped with admin rather than getting to do the job they actually were there to do – teaching & researching. It dawned on me that I was in the wrong place, and that I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for within the walls of the university.

Over the next 6 months I built a business based on sharing goddess wisdom through my written work and my intuitive readings, and to my complete surprise, it took off. When I finished teaching July ’11, I had created something of my very own to step into.

Since that time, I’ve launched more products, more services, and my market reach has extended. And yes, it’s important to me that my business grows and resonates with more and more clients & customers, partly because it reaffirms to me that when we live our lives creatively, all parts of our lives, the world responds. But also because it shows me that I can create an income for myself on my own terms serving and supporting others. I cannot tell you how liberating and empowering this is.

On the back of this, I’ve now become a bit of a go-to girl for friends who want to create similar success, who want the freedom and the security that taking the reins of your own income creation can bring. I find it totally thrilling and energising helping others in this way, brainstorming ideas over copious cups of tea, strategising in swimming pools, business meetings in museums…

So now, on an almost daily basis, I am either creating new ideas for new offerings, for promoting my work, or I’m delivering 1-to-1 and group services, writing stories, poetry, posts, and crafting new business structures and strategy for both myself and my friends. I feel so very blessed, but equally, I recognise that at every step I have met my desire with creative action.

And yet, this was never my concept of business before I built this for myself. Business to me was a strange mix of scary and boring. It seemed to me to be very risky, very onerous and very… uninspiring.

What I’ve discovered is that this couldn’t be further from the truth…

I’ve discovered that business is the key to self-liberation.
I’ve discovered that business is deeply fulfilling when you are engaging with your passions and aligning your work with your values.
I’ve discovered that business supports you as you serve others and send love out into the world.
I’ve discovered that business allows you to share your message with the world.
I’ve discovered that business can be a vehicle for your gifts.

I’ve discovered that business is a creative act.

I truly want you to experience this for yourself, whether you’re just starting out and your business idea is still at the very beginning stages of development, or you’ve been growing your business for a while now. And this is why I’m launching Practical Magic for your Business.

Practical Magic for your Business is a one-on-one service where we each grab a cup of our favourite brew, meet up on Skype and explore how to make your business work better for both you and your clients.

Sessions can focus on…

Developing Products, Services, and Offerings
Blogging Strategy
Niche/Business Focus

… or we can simply discuss our nascent business idea if you’re still at the very start of your entrepreneurial journey.

In your Practical Magic session I will bring both my intuition and my business know-how to the table. We’ll investigate what’s working and what’s not, how to make your business feel fun again, and how to create structures that feel genuinely supportive and nourishing. We’ll increase your motivation by developing ease and boosting your energy. And we’ll make sure that there’s alignment, integrity, authenticity and deliciousness built into the very fabric of your business.

Oh, and we’ll probably laugh. A lot. These sessions are fun and packed full of goodness – truly the shift I’ve seen in clients from the start of our session to the end has been breath-taking. Here’s what a few of them are saying…

I scheduled a business session for marketing with Amy because of her intuitive nature and gentle guidance. I walked away feeling like we had worked together for years after only having a 30 minute session. The value of working with Amy was priceless. I left our session with an entirely different view of marketing that felt exciting and authentic for me and my business. I went from dreading marketing my business to “I can’t wait!” and attribute it all to Amy. I’m beyond grateful she is sharing her gifts with the world because she is a true gem and her coaching is a gift you deserve. If you feel stuck or dread an aspect of your business, give yourself the gift of working with Amy.
Jen Trulson, MCLC

Amy’s ability to guide you into the heart of your business, your passion is inspiring. She takes the time to understand your business, your market and you and how all these factors can work in harmony together. She takes from her own business experience a wealth of knowledge with simple solutions to problems that may leave you feeling congested. A session with Amy leaves you feeling inspired, motivated and ready to move forward in your own business, as your passions have been refuelled xxx
Nikki Turner, Starlight Scotland

Ready to do this thing? Yay! Simply choose from the options below to get the ball rolling…

Practical Magic Sessions

So, how will a session actually work?

After you have purchased your session, I will be in touch to find a date and a time that works for us both, and I’ll send you a link to a pre-call questionnaire where you get to wax lyrical about your business. Feedback so far has told me that clients find this process really helps them create focus and clarifies their business vision – and this is *before* we’ve even spoken!

Prior to our call, I’ll send a second email with your answers to the questionnaire, and any additional information that you might want to have at your fingertips during our call.

The call itself will be 30mins long and will be conducted through Skype – I’m happy to do audio or video, but my preference is really video. It makes me feel like you’ve just popped round for tea and we’re actually sitting around my kitchen table. The call will also be recorded, so that you can have a copy of our conversation so you can listen back to it again and again to your heart’s content.

During the call, we’ll riff, we’ll laugh, we’ll uncover what you really need to make your business tick… we’ll conjure up some practical magic for your business.

After the call, I’ll send your third email which will contain links to both the mp3 recording of our conversation, and an exit survey, as well as a brief summary of some of the key takeaways from our call.

The feedback from these sessions has completely blown me away…

Amy’s guidance is both pragmatic and practical. I loved the way she brought her insight to the process in a blend of business advice and guidance as well as intuition. This is a rare combination but much needed by businesses who want to embrace a holistic approach and bring a new style of working to what they deliver. Amy gave me suggestions that relate to my business but also to my own self-care, a theme that often recurs for me, and reminded me to return to my original goals of creating my own rather unconventional way work of working and living. I felt very supported by Amy and would recommend her to anyone who wants to bring a spiritual aspect to their own work and to create a fulfilling way of doing business with integrity.
Nicola Warwick, The Holistic Web

Amy has great ideas, no doubt inspired by her deep intuitive work, which can also help you transform the practical aspects of your business. She really understood where I was getting stuck in marketing my offerings and came up with a really fabulous idea for how to move forward my work which resonated with everything I am doing – I have no doubt that putting it in to action with transform my business.
Mary Ann Mhina

Amy is wonderfully insightful and inventive! She calmed my fears of being overwhelmed by offering me sensible, long term suggestions for my marketing plan. And I have some fabulous ideas to start right now! Awesome session. As always, she was kind, enthusiastic, funny, and supportive.
Claire Lopez, Writer

Book your Practical Magic for Your Business session now! I can’t wait to start working with you!

Choose from a single session, a block of 3 or a block of 6…

Practical Magic Sessions

So far I’ve helped therapist, coaches, social media consultants, artists, writers, intuitives, web designers, freelance editors, musicians and more. And I’m sure that I’m going to be able to help you too. However, I want to reassure you that if after our call, you are unsatisfied in any way, I will refund your money back to you within 48hrs of our call.

I want you to leave completely happy with this service, and I know that it can significantly boost your engagement to your passion, create crystal clarity, and unveil new and exciting directions for you. So, I really want you to be able to gift yourself and your business a Practical Magic session without the anxiety of making a poor investment. It’s important for us both to enter into our session with positive energy, and if offering you your money back means that we can do this, then I’ll gladly offer it.

That said, I just know this will rock your socks off!

Each experience I’ve had of Amy’s work has been powerful and valuable to me – this was no different. She has incredible insight and vision – of who I am and where I’m going and she beautifully supported me to find my own answers. The session was invaluable in helping to gain clarity and insight.
Gillian Alexander, Holder of Sacred Space, Sacred Touch

Amy helped me develop a clearer picture of my business and gave me excellent advice on where to focus. She also made some wonderful suggestions that I would never have come up with myself. I felt I was having a relaxed chat with a very wise and trusted friend and went away completely inspired and keen to put the ideas into place. Thank you Amy.
Nicola Wilson

Amy, a Goddess herself, knows how to extract the essence of what your calling is and give you practical and soulful examples of where your work could go and how it would look to you. If you are working through a sacred calling be it writing ,art, healing, music or leading others to their own calling, Amy is the perfect insightful guide to help form your next steps. I am honoured to have had her time and energy to look at what Im creating and support some of my own next creative steps
Melanie Maddison – Intuitive Soul Art

Book your session now, choosing from either a solo session, or a block of 3 or 6 (sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase). If you have any questions prior to booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Practical Magic Sessions