The wonderful thing about Rumi was that he knew what it was to be in erotic relationship with the divine. He understood that embodied pleasure was profoundly sacred, and that there was a way to be with God (the Universe, Source, Oneness, the Goddess etc.) through sexual and sensual experiences.

For me, this is the bliss body. The delicious sacredness of our flesh, and the gifts that are available to each of us through tender relationship with the body, are all ways in which we can embrace, and be embraced by, the Beloved.

But, we get so caught up in our heads – in our shoulds and our shouldn’ts. We worry and we stress. We feel embarrassed and ashamed. We fret over whether we are enough, whether we are acceptable, whether we are worthy enough to be fully received with all our flaws – our lack and our excess.

From the moment that we enter into the world of language, we process our relationship with ourselves and our outside world through words. We move from an experience of sensation to one of thought, from one of the body to one of the mind. Consequently, a gap opens up between the felt experience of life and the known experience of life.

In Words To Guide You Home: Hymns to the Bliss Body, I’m sharing 20 prose poems (in both written & audio format) designed to gently guide you back into your body, into sensual evocation and into bliss. These poems will help you bridge that gap so you can explore your own capacity for pleasure (hint: it’s limitless!). Either devour them in one sitting or savour them mouthful by mouthful – it’s completely up to you.

This feels like incredibly important work to me, and for this reason, I want to make it available to as many people as possible. So, I’ve decided to give it to you for free. Yup. For *free*.  

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All that remains is for me to say enjoy, and that it is my deepest wish that these poems bring you pleasure, for there is no greater gift than this.


In Hymns to the Bliss Body, Amy Palko asks each of us to claim the divine experience of embodiment. The sensual experience of living in our gorgeous, amazing bodies. This is an invitation none of us can afford to ignore. Thank you Amy, for sharing this invitation with all of us. Truly beautiful…. ~ Nona Jordan, The Business Yogini

Exquisite Hymns to the Bliss Body! Erotic relationship to my Beloved in MEEEeeeee… and in You. Amy Palko’s passionate relationship to her deep embodied sacred self awakens my own! Songs to begin each day with! YUUUMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! ~ Kathleen Prophet, Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius

Hymns to the Bliss Body is brainy and sensuous – my kind of writing. I gobbled it up. ~ Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach

Just purchased this book of prose and have already indulged in the first few poems…. all I can say is… these words of Amy’s have a passion and depth which moves you deep within your sensual senses. Please do purchase your copy today to truly connect with your own inner bliss, that the body promises to divulge, through the gentle seduction of Amy’s words. ~ Nikki Turner, Starlight Scotland

Amy has gone to a new edge, with Hymns to the Bliss Body, exploring the simple erotic pleasures and pains of every day life in a language that’s deeply inspiring and relatable. Her words are like a “Yes, me too, keep going”, as I roll around in the undone sheets of what it means to be truly alive. I treasure every morsel of connection that Amy’s made space for in this beautiful, powerful work. ~ Rachael Maddox, Rach.Mad.Love

Amy Palko defines lusciousness anew. Sensuous, erotic… [Hymns to the Bliss Body] brings you back into your body to discover it tingling, alive, and whole in its imperfections. Really, it’s way too hard to put words to this. I know I will delve and read and savour every luscious morsel, again and again. ~ Karen Wallace, Your Luscious Life & The Calm Space

Hymns to the Bliss Body should be required reading for every woman starting at age 21. Raw. Truthful. Naked. Loving. These are the only words I can find to describe the universal journey Amy has managed to beautifully transcribe from head to toe. Each poem a stark reminder that once we step into our skin we can truly experience the life we’re destined to live. ~ Tracey Selingo, Your Promise Profit