This circle is now closed. However, the Air Circle will be opening in September, so makes sure that you are signed up to my newsletter to keep informed on how to claim your space. 


PMBC - The Fire Circle


This what I know to be true

We all come into this life bearing gifts – for ourselves, for each other. And that never before in the history of all time has there been so many ways in which these gifts can be given and received. This, I believe, is a very good thing because these gifts that we’re giving? They’re not just our talents, our skills, our wisdom, our art – they’re our soul medicine. After all, we give that which we most long to receive. But it is only in the giving that we can really fully receive our own gifts, our own soul medicine.

Business is one way in which we can experience the giving and receiving of our soul medicine. Which is why, every year since 2013, I have offered 2 Practical Magic Business Circles – 1 in the Spring and 1 in the Autumn. Because one of my gifts is the ability to hold transformative space where each circle sister is invited into her own process, so that she might then lean into her own truth, her own wisdom, her own gifts. And as I hold space for this gift to be received, I, in turn, receive it also.

So now it is, at this seasonal turning point in the year, a moment at which I find myself seeing my business through fresh eyes, I am offering another opportunity to join me in a Practical Magic Business Circle. Right down to my bones, I feel the calling to root deeply into my relationship with my business, to tend with love and to share in this process with like-souls – kindred spirits who are looking for community, who want to understand their businesses better, who are longing to give their gifts and who are ready to receive their own soul medicine.

“I am at a place in my business where working from (and leading with) a deeper intelligence is very important to me. There is a lot of ‘noise’ in the online marketing world, far too many experts pushing systems and structures that take us away from the kind of listening that honors both our own wisdom and our ability to serve others responsively. Amy is very skilled at holding a space for women to gather their resources and grow their businesses consciously. She is also a fountain of insight and intelligence. Elegant and clear. For me, this really was the perfect blend of practical magic.” ~ Sue Ann Gleason, nourishment guide & wise business strategist – Conscious Bites Nutrition

“The Practical Magic Business Circle has transformed the way I relate to and do my work. When I entered I was feeling disconnected and unsure how to find the energy and love that once flowed so easily for my business. Through Amy’s masterful skill at harnessing the power of the goddesses, practical business skills, as well as the support of the other women in the circle, I have deepened loved and tangible practices and most wonderfully, renewed love, commitment and inspiration for doing my work in the world. This is a beautiful and powerful program. A true marriage of mystical feminine and tangible world effectiveness.” ~ Sandi Davis – Intuitive Coach, Guide, Writer



The Invitation

My love, if you are resonating with this way of seeing business – as an expression of deep love and exquisite generosity through which we feel ourselves profoundly met and nourished – then this invitation is for you.

I would be so honoured if you would consider joining the next Practical Magic Business Circle which begins on the 10th April and runs for 7 weeks, ending on the 26th of May.

During our time together we will each explore our business with the help of goddess guides that will support us to activate the element of FIRE in our business. It’s time to turn the heat up, activate our desire and ignite our passion!

Each circle sister, upon her entry into our sacred online space/secret Facebook group, will receive a Sacred Rebel Oracle mini reading to serve as a support throughout her explorations into her business. And then throughout our time together, as a circle we will be introduced to 6 fire goddesses, each holding keys for us as we determine the best way to give our gifts in the most divinely sustainable ways.


~ Pele – Goddess of Irrepressible Passion – The Hawaiian volcano goddess of fire comes into our life to shake things up and bit and reignite the spark of our true passionate natures.

~ Brigid – Goddess of the Vital Spark – The Celtic goddess of inspiration is known for her energy as an awakener. When we need to reignite the divine spark, Brigid is the goddess who provides the match.

~ Hestia – Goddess of Promise and Practice – Ancient Greek goddess of the home and hearth, Hestia is the goddess that calls us to turn inwards and refocus our attention on our inner flame.

~ Amaterasu – Goddess of Choosing to Shine – She steps forward for women when it is their time to shine, and when they need to begin a process of reclaiming their light.

~ Cerridwen – Goddess of Transformational Stories – Cerridwen is the crone goddess of Wales who birthed the first Welsh bard. She is a shapeshifting goddess of storytelling and storytellers, and she invites us to take responsibility for our own narratives. To be the heroine of our own stories.

~ Rhiannon – Goddess of Asking For What You Want – Rhiannon is the Welsh horse goddess who teaches us about the nature of desire and how to get what we really want in life.




Alongside all this, you will also be supported in the crafting of a sacred business practice, called into relationship with accountability through weekly check-ins, have direct access to me through weekly office hours, your very own altar space in our secret FB group, and invitations to join our special opening and closing circle calls.

Also as always, there are instalment options, because it is so important to me that this work remains as accessible to you as I can possibly make it. Instalment plans are 2 equal monthly payments arranged through Paypal for mutual ease and simplicity.

“If you’ve ever been called rebellious, or feel like you don’t fit the business-girl mould, you will freakin’ dig this offering from Amy Palko. It’s wise, intuitive, practical and packed to the brim with insight. This is the way we should ALL be doing business, with love, passion and enthusiasm and most importantly in circle, with fellow girl-kind to support us.” ~ Lisa Lister – Creatrix O’ Awesome and Defender O’ Female Awesomeness – The Sassy She

“If you are looking for a place in which to be witnessed & supported with great intelligence, kindness, and love as you navigate the life of your business / the business of your life, then you have found it in Amy’s Practical Magic Business Circle. I offer a ‘You’re Welcome’ now because I know you’ll be thanking me later. Come, there’s a place for you here.” ~ Rebecca Traver – Integrative Life Coach & Healer




So, to recap, the next Practical Magic Business Circle will run for 7 weeks from the 10th April to the 16th May, and all circle sisters will receive the following…

* Access to a sacred secret FaceBook group where all our invitations, reflections and guidance can be shared.

* A virtual altar specific to each sister where she will find her Sacred Rebel Oracle Mini Reading.

* 6 fire goddess readings where each goddess we encounter will share with us specific business guidance to help us understand our businesses better and invite us into deep relationship with its birth, growth and evolution.

* Prompts into a sacred business practice… Although, it’s really more ritual than practice!

* Twice weekly office hours – an opportunity to connect, reflect, ask questions and receive the support you desire.

* Invitation to check-in and let us know where you’re at in that present moment. Consider this an invitation into reflection, to stay aware, and to help you stay focused at each stage of this PMBC experience.

* Opening & Closing Calls, which I’ll be hosting at the beginning of the circle and at the end to open and close our circle time. This is to ensure that we have a strong energetic container to work within. However, it will also give everyone an opportunity to see each others faces, hearing each others voices and begin to deepen our circle connections.

* At the end of our circle, I will compile all of the Goddess Guidance posts into The Fire Circle e-book, which I will send out to each sister, so that you might all continue your explorations with the goddesses of our Fire Circle.

* Bonus – You will receive an exclusive opportunity to claim your place in the Air Circle, which will run in Sep/Oct’17. Once again, places will be limited, but if you wish to continue this journey through the elements, then I would love to host you in the next circle.




To claim your space in the circle simply choose whether payment in full or 2 instalments suits your budget best. Once you know which option is for you, just click on that payment link and you’ll be directed to Paypal to complete your purchase. Please note that you do not have to have a Paypal account to make a payment.

Once you have claimed your space, I will be in touch via email with a link to an entry questionnaire to help both you and me get super-clear on your desires for your Practical Magic Business Circle experience. I’ve received so much feedback on how incredibly helpful even just this preliminary piece is to those preparing to enter into the circle! I will begin adding circle sisters to our secret FaceBook group from the 3rd April, with no new members added after the 9th April. So, if you know the Practical Magic Business Circle is for you, then I recommend that you claim your space now so that you don’t miss out.

To claim your place simply choose which option feels most delicious for you by clicking one of the buttons below and completing your purchase via PayPal. I will then be in touch with a link to a pre-circle questionnaire, before adding you into our sacred online space (secret FaceBook group) open from the 3rd Apr. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.





Want to know what others are saying about this work?

Amy’s Practical Magic Business Circle rocked my creative offerings to the world through the fires of transformation and reforged them into a deeper truth that realigned me with my authentic passion and joy. This work is so valuable and is part of the revolution that is igniting the world right now in reclaiming our feminine souls and actualising the fertility of our light and song in the world!

Annu Tara, creatrix of The Yin Tent ~ Maps to Feminine Practice, Womb Pujas and Alchemical Chocolate

I highly HIGHLY recommend Amy Palko’s Practical Magic Business Circle, particularly if your work is somewhat off the beaten path like mine! I have taken some of the most exclusive online business programs and worked with top coaches, and drove myself mad attempting to fit into their recommended constructs of what online business needs to look like. When I first met Amy I could see that she was working in a whole new way which felt artful, soulful, and successful. Going through her PMBC program has aligned me with my own unique business forms stemming from my sacred wild genius. My recent success and growth in numbers of women who desire my work is stunning and a tribute to the powerful effective way Amy has guided and supported me. I am forever grateful to you, Amy, without which my revolution would still be a cry in my heart.

Kathleen Prophet – Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius

Amy is a brilliant intuitive and savvy guide who is an ardent advocate for creating exactly the kind of business that is fully aligned with who you truly are, makes your heart dance with joy, and feels delicious and fulfilling. There isn’t any reason to settle for less. Practical Magic perfectly sums up what this mastermind-plus business circle is all about. I felt gently guided and powerfully supported as I uncovered all manner of ideas to grow my beautiful business. From brainstorming offerings to exploring how to get my message out more widely we balanced inspiration with practical how-tos. With goddess guidance and peer support Practical Magic Business Circle offered me a beautiful alchemical container to create the next steps for my business. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

Deborah Weber – Temenos of the Blessing Light

I’m noticing more and more that creating an authentic, feminine business is all about balancing the regular practice of taking action with the time spent in the midst of inspiration and ideas. Amy models this balance beautifully both in her own business and in her holding of the PMBC. It will provide a space for you to focus and get clarity about what you want to achieve as well as magical inspiration for your soul to keep you going. I can’t recommend it enough.

Mary Ann Mhina

The Practical Magic Business Circle totally changed the way that I see both myself and my business. My business communications have been received in a completely different way by my clients and my relationship with them has been immeasurably strengthened. The nurturing that both Amy and the other members of the group provided was just such a blessing! <3<3<3

Heather McKenzie 

The best part about being a part of the Practical Magic Business Circle was being part of a circle ! Feeling supported and not alone as I began my business. Having (and still having) somewhere to share insights, successes and crises, as they occurred. The daily messages and connections to each Goddess gave me a completely different insight into how I approach my business. I realised I AM my business – that was a big one! The monthly calls with Amy gave me a focus and an opportunity to review and reflect on my progress and direction, which was invaluable. Best of all, each goddess gave me a way in to how I feel about my work which was missing before – kind of gathered up all my thoughts and brought them together and felt able to move forward with energy, insight and positivity.

Mary McConnell – Star Therapies

In creating the Practical Magic Business Circle, Amy has created a safe place with a gathering of women in which to share and develop your business ideas in a way that feels in tune with feminine ways and spirituality. Whether you were a new-comer like me or someone who has taken part in previous Circles, you are made to feel welcome and supported. Learning about other women’s businesses and supporting them helped me see my own efforts more positively and take bigger steps forward than I would have done by myself. I feel part of an on-going community of support and encouragement. A world away from the old-style competitive business environment. I would recommend this programme to any woman serious about developing a heart-centred business.

Mary Lunnen – Dare to Blossom Life Coaching

I was at a crossroads before I embarked on the adventure of the PMBC…. I no longer trusted the very intuition that had given me the momentum to leave my empty life back in 2010… I had kind of run out of steam, feeling like an empty husk. I wrestled with my desire to join the group…in the wake of several poor decision choices in support for my business…I was shrinking away from life again. I explained this to Amy. She kindly provided me with the space and simple/gentle tools to help me make my own decision…the decision best for me. I am glad I opted in, as I have enjoyed the most delicious adventure into the strong and rich container of wise women. I felt safely held, whilst many things bubbled up for me (light and dark) and I gained a deeper understanding into what I need to do in my business. .. into what I need and want! I can honestly say, I now know what I want and I have connected many of the disassociated parts of myself and integrated them and with focus and trust restored, I am ready to thrive 😉

Lisa McLoughlin – Illustrator & Website Creator