The world is lonely for comfort, and for the hips and breasts of women. It calls out in a thousand-handed, million-voiced way, waving to us, plucking and pulling at us, asking for our attention. Sometimes it seems that everywhere we turn there is a someone or a something of the world that needs, wants, wishes. ~ Women Who Run With the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

There is one story above all others in the gorgeous, multi-layered book Women Who Run With the Wolves which sings to my heart. Sealskin, Soulskin is the story of a selkie who lives on land in her human form for almost 8 years due to the theft of her sealskin. Her skin is ultimately restored to her, and she returns to her seal form and takes once again to the waves.


The story itself is incredibly beautiful and it haunts me in ways like no other. However, it’s not just the story which I return to; it’s also Dr Estes’ interpretation.

She reminds us that this is a story of what happens when we become separated from our soulskin, our true home. She empathises with us over the depletion of our resources, our difficulty in stating our own need to return to self. She calls us to turn homewards.

We have an innate desire to be available to others. We want to be able to give our time, our attention, our energy, our love. We give and we give and then we give some more. What we often don’t realise is that we are not giving from a place of infinite wealth. There is a limit to our ability to give. A limit which we so often ignore and push past.

It was from this place beyond the limit that my new service began to come into focus. It dawned on me that what I want to do is bring you back to your home. I want to help you replenish your capacity to love. I want to give you back your soulskin.

What I am offering is a very exclusive, very rare opportunity to work with me in a completely unique way.

Each of my clients will receive a Soulskin Reading – a gorgeous handknitted soulskin accompanied with a handwritten intuitive reading. But please note that spaces are limited, so if you believe a Soulskin Reading is for you, please claim your space now. I really don’t want you to miss out!

The way it will work is like this…

We will have a 15 minute Skype call which will allow me to connect to your energy, after which I will begin to knit your soulskin, each stitch lovingly crafted with the intention of bringing you home to yourself. Upon the soulskin’s completion (3-4 days), I will walk to the edge of the water where I will connect to the wisdom of the waves and write your intuitive reading.


What you will receive is a soulskin shawl handknitted especially for you that you’ll be able to wrap yourself up in whenever you feel as though the world is too much with you. A garment with love woven into every stitch that will bring you back home to your own wild soul.

Accompanied with this precious gift, you’ll also find a handwritten letter containing the words delivered on the waves that lap the breakwater beside my home.

I often get requests for my intuitive readings, however, I very rarely give them. They are often very powerful, but also incredibly gentle. I’m very open and receptive to angelic and elemental energy with strong clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to connect and intuit essential information. I’ve also been gifted with the capacity to communicate this information in a graceful and deeply loving way.

Now, because this is obviously a big investment of my own energy, this offer will have a limited number of spaces, which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. A waiting list will be formed in the order of those purchasing, with each Soulskin Reading taking around 3-4 days to complete.

The price for this unique offering is £299 GBP (approx. $466 USD) and includes postage and packaging.

If money is a bit tight for you at the moment, but a Soulskin Reading sings to your heart, you can still claim your space, and we can arrange a payment plan that suits your budget.

If you want to go for this option, please click on the Buy Now button below and pay the nominal fee of £1. I will then get in touch with you and we can sort out a series of payments that are manageable for you. I really don’t want you to miss out if you feel this is for you!

So, to recap, what your Soulskin Reading will consist of…

  • One 15 min Skype call
  • One handknitted soulskin (a shawl consciously crafted with compassion and healing from beautiful soft yarn the colour of the sea)
  • One handwritten intuitive reading

Upon receiving your Soulskin Reading, you will be invited to email me any questions that you may have regarding the reading. I want you to enjoy the most lovingly supportive experience from your Soulskin Reading, and I’m prepared to go that extra mile to make sure that you receive it.

While this reading is being delivered in a completely new form, please do have a read through of what some of the recipients of previous readings have said about their experience…

There is something magical about the way you work, and the deep resonance of your reading confirms, for me, that you are engaged in deep soul work. It’s like I was ready for the veil to be lifted and the things which you told me made it all so obvious.
Jackie Walker

I recently had a very busy period, not getting enough sleep and being very outgoing, but thanks to the insight I had gained through Amy’s reading I was able to recognise that I needed to take some time out for myself to recharge, and all passed smoothly.
The impact of this reading on my life has been massive and probably not exxageration to say that it has been life changing. Thanks so much Amy.
Gillian Alexander

The conversation came at a really valuable time for me – a time that could otherwise have turned into one of crisis.
The reading helped me to see things with a different, richer perspective and it gave me something to hold on to when I needed to draw on reserves of understanding and love.
For me the reading was a real gift. A gift of insight and a gift to me, helping me hold on to a relationship that is most precious.

If a Soulskin Reading is calling you, and you want to feel the love and warmth of your handknitted soulskin surrounding you, please click on the payment button now to reserve your place and I’ll be in touch to give you an approximate date for your reading.

This is the only time I’ll be offering an opportunity to work with me this year, so please, if you think this reading is for you, don’t delay – I would hate for you to miss out.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at

I so look forward to knitting your soulskin for you!
Sending so much love

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