We’re 1 year old!! November 2012 sees the first anniversary of my gorgeous Goddess Guidance group, and what an amazing blessing this past year has been. The group has grown and evolved, new connections forged, friendships deepened, and throughout it all, the energy of the goddess has carried us through our challenges, danced with us in our joy, and held us with unconditional love.

To mark the transition from our first year into our second, I am instituting a number of changes, making now the perfect time to join!!

Regular membership is £15 per month ($25US approx), and for that you will receive all the following benefits…

  • Monthly individual readings with weekly check-ins. These will be sent out to everyone in the group via FB message and you’ll receive your reading either on or around the 1st of every month. It’ll include a little bit about your goddess, the intuitively received image that shows up for you, a goddess-given question and an affirmation. I’ve been considering providing goddess affirmations for a while now, and I think this will be the perfect time to start!
  • Weekly check-ins that will include opportunities to take part in a monthly visualisation and to create a goddess dreamboard. These will be an opportunity to share any connections you’ve been exploring between the events of your week and your goddess, any questions that you may have, and to receive any additional support. I’m intending to provide a new visualisation (mp3) each month for this group only, which you’ll be able to use to have a direct conversation with your goddess. And I’m also going to be facilitating monthly goddess dreamboards, which you’ll be invited to share in the group. The check-ins are not compulsory (obviously!), but they’re there for those who wish to dive deep and create a really personal relationship with their goddess.
  • Private pages with info and resource material so you can follow up and deepen your relationship with your goddess (this will be an ongoing project!). Comments will be open on these pages, and I would encourage you to leave any additional links to resources that you’ve found, or any experiences that you’ve had that you are directly correlating to your connection with the individual goddesses. In this way, it’s my hope that together we can grow a kind of goddess guidance wiki!
  • A monthly Goddess Party where everyone is invited to explore their intuition by giving and receiving readings to and from each other. Everyone will be invited to request readings and everyone will be able to offer readings. There’s no obligation here, and you can jump in when you’re feeling ready. I think these parties will not only give you a chance to get to know each other better, but they’ll also allow you to explore your intuition in a really lovely supportive environment.
  • Daily group readings Mon-Fri, with a weekend reading on Saturday. Find out what the goddess energy is for the day, and explore some key questions that will support you as you deepen your relationship with each goddess in turn.
  • Individual readings by request as and when members require additional support. It’s always been important to me that you all receive the guidance and support at those difficult or challenging moments in your life. If you’ve got a big day ahead of you, something has happened that’s created chaos, upset or instability etc. all you need to do is ask, and I’ll connect you to a goddess that can offer you additional support.

To sign up to the Goddess Guidance group as a regular member, simply click the SUBSCRIBE button below!


But that’s not all, as I now have the option of Premium Membership!!

Premium members of the Goddess Guidance group not only get all the benefits of being a regular member, but they also receive a monthly 1hr Skype call with me where I bring additional clarity to the goddesses have been stepping forward for you in the weekly readings, provide recommendations & advice concerning spiritual practice, guidance, treatments & therapies, and offer insight into whatever’s been presenting in your life, work & relationships.

On top of the monthly call, you will also receive *all*, that’s right *all*, of my online products. That’s Virgins & Lovers, Mothers & Crones and Bloom by Moon guides totalling just under £300’s worth of juicy, deep, soul-spilling, heart-opening work. You’ll also get copies of any other products I launch during your membership – and I’m nothing if not prolific 😉

Premium membership is £65 a month, and I’m only opening up 25 places – some of these places have already gone with current members snapping them up, (I sold 2 to current group members within a minute of the announcement landing in their inboxes!). Seriously, these ladies know a good deal when they see one!

Having Amy’s personal support is like floating on gentle, rocking waves of the warmest ocean – completely relaxed and at rest.  Amy has an uncanny ability to see what is happening in this moment and help me to see how to best work with what is.  I adore the daily Goddess Guidance and combining it with personal support is just delicious. This personal work with Amy has helped me to bring more of the goddess energy into all areas of my life during a time of huge transition. ~ Nona Jordan, Business Yogini

Gifting myself with a premium membership to Amy’s Goddess Guidance group has proven to be one of the wisest, most nurturing, and delicious decisions I’ve made in quite some time.  Amy’s guidance is brilliant and her connection to the divine goddess energy is truly extraordinary.   Added to that is her remarkable skill at both helping you expand your perspective in overview and also honing in focus in truly practical we’re-here-to-live-our-lives ways.  It’s genius!

I love having personal access to her mojo on a monthly basis – it deepens the daily and weekly goddess-guidance practice and is so uplifting and supportive.   Plus receiving all her other  e-guides and magics is over-the-top delightful.   I whole-heartedly recommend the premium membership if you want to dive deeply and immerse yourself in uncovering and incorporating all aspects of the divine feminine available to us to dance with. ~ Deborah Weber, Temenos of the Blessing Light

A goddess is a goddess on any level, but when you dive deeper into the experience of goddess guidance you dive deeper into your own self truth. Amy’s support in this realm is profound. She is a vessel of wisdom, a connector and a sparkler for your soul. Her support works within you helping you to bolster your relationship with the goddesses, as well as your understanding of how their guidance can lift your soul. Premium as a descriptor doesn’t even begin to describe just how special her work is. ~ Tracey Selingo, Your Promise Profit

Working with Amy is like giving yourself the best gift you could every month. Her insights are always spot on, deeply meaningful and very practical. Her wisdom never fails to astound me. ~ Sarah Newton, Teenologist

When Amy put out the invitation for the premium Goddess Guidance membership, I felt an immediate YES rise up. And I’m really glad I answered that internal call. The readings and wisdom Amy offers in the group are always spot-on, and the community of women is unparalleled. So to get all of that PLUS one-on-one time with Amy each month? All I can say is WOW — oh, and what are you waiting for? ~ Anna Guest-Jelley, Curvy Yoga

I have found Amy’s premium membership offering to be a quiet, restorative and supportive place of deep healing, balance and intuitive guidance in an otherwise wildly busy, day-to-day life schedule. Amy’s richly explorative writing prompts, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and historical, lyrical weavings of the goddesses and moons are deeply therapeutic and prove over and over to be a monthly self-care “must” for me. As a premium member, I receive delicious, soulful hydration delivered with intention in a beautiful and deeply feminine way. Thank you to the moon, Amy! Bloom on. xx ~ Jenny Howard

There are so many amazing goddess stories from all over the world. You don’t have to take them literally to realise that these stories have something to teach and inspire us, to help us think about ourselves differently  and step in to our power. Thankfully Amy is an amazing story teller and is able to bring these stories to life. The premium membership is a way to access her story telling power in a personal way with a monthly appointment to reflect on whichever goddess may have a message for you. In this way supported by the stories of generations so you can start re-telling your own story with Amy’s amazing guiding power. ~ Mary Ann Mhina

I don’t offer a free trial of the premium membership, as I’m trusting that you’ll know if it’s right for you, if it’s calling to your heart. If, however, you want to discuss subscribing at the premium level, I am more than happy to schedule a wee 15min Skype call with you to answer your questions. To schedule this, drop me and email and we’ll arrange a date/time.

So, if you want to love Mondays as much as I, and the other ladies in the group, do, then you can choose from the two membership options below…

Premium Membership 


Regular Membership 


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