It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to… Persephone!!

Persephone’s story is one which is deeply embedded in feminine consciousness as it explores that necessary transition towards independence. She recalls the occasion of our sexual initiation, our own personal ‘fall from innocence’. And she speaks to us of the redemption that can be found in the dark, labyrinthine corridors of the Underworld.

I originally shared my retelling of Persephone’s story along with journal prompts, visualisation and creative exercise as part of my Bloom by Moon programme, before collating it, along with 5 other goddess guides in my Virgins & Lovers more-than-just-an-ebook. Now, I’m making it available for those who want to buy the material separately.

What you’ll receive…

  • Persephone’s Story
  • Journal Prompts
  • Guided Goddess Visualisation (pdf transcript & mp3 audio)
  • Creative Exercise

My goddess guides are not interpretations of the stories, neatly packaged for you to swallow whole, rather they are materials and support to facilitate your own journey as you connect with each beautiful goddess.

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An excerpt from Persephone’s Story…

“Kore! Kore!”

Demeter’s voice rang out across the valley as she searched for her daughter, who at that precise moment was watching a smooth-skinned, green frog. Its lithe limbs moved balletically as it leapt from stepping stone to stepping stone across the small creek that trickled down towards the wide blue lake at the far end of the valley. A small delighted smile graced Kore’s face as she gazed, wrapt, at this small green marvel. Hop. Squat. Hop. Squat. Its occasional croak, Kore’s giggling response and her mother’s distant calls were the only sounds to be heard in that small corner of paradise.

It didn’t take much to elicit this level of wonder in Kore. A rainbow that broke through the charcoal grey storm clouds. A pure white feather caught up in a soft zephyr, dancing through the warm summer air. A small piece of quartz tumbled smooth by the constant movement of the water…

Kore’s world was one of perpetual magic. She only saw the beautiful, the light, the harmonious aspects of life. From all else she was protected by her mother, Demeter. Together they lived in this valley, and to Kore at least, it felt like they would always live there, just the two of them. That one day would follow the next and the next and the next, and that each day would be just as filled with music and love and laughter and sparkles as the ones preceding it.

While not a disobedient girl, she didn’t respond to her mother’s calls. In fact, she barely even registered that her name was echoing throughout the valley. The call was not urgent because Demeter knew that there was no harm that could come to her daughter here. Everything was safe in this quiet valley: the perfect place to preserve the innocence of the young and the peace of mind of the mother.

And perhaps it was this unspoken yet absolute trust that things would stay the same that left them so vulnerable to the hurt that was to follow. The implicit trust that change was something that happened to other people in other places, and that it did not belong in this soft green valley with its constant summer, was an intrinsic part of the darkness that befell those two beautiful goddesses.

Having lost the frog somewhere in amongst the reeds that lined the far-side of the creek, Kore skipped across the stepping stones herself, humming a little tune that had come to her across the breeze. The long reeds brushed her calves as she wove her way past them to the other side. And as she stepped from the dry warmth of the last stone to the lush grass that tickled her skin, she felt something stir deep within.

A tiny butterfly of doubt, a flutter of fear, and yet as Kore looked around she saw nothing that would cause such unknown new emotions. Nevertheless, tiny prickles of anxiety stole across her quickening heart as she moved, more tentatively now, further away from the bank of the creek, further away from the last echo of her mother’s call.

Want to know what others are saying about my work?

It’s a primer in how to speak the language of our souls once again. Not through exegesis – there’s no explanations or interpretations – not through talking or defining. Nothing like that. It takes you into story through exactly what you would expect: Story – rewritten, updated, made more applicable to me (to you) – and complimented with guided meditations and journaling prompts.

It’s learning the language of your soul by speaking to your soul with Amy as your go between.

Your soul is speaking to you, it has so much to say. If only you knew how to hear Her, She would enrich every aspect of your life (these are one of the things I know for sure) and Story is Her language, Story is Her medium: Story is your doorway into all the areas of your life.

As an introduction to Soul Whispering and story interpreting Amy’s project (Playbook) is by far the best I’ve encountered. It isn’t an academic tool for dissecting how story speaks to us, and it isn’t focused on just one subject (modern Goddesses say, or being our own Heroes) – like any good story should, Lovers & Virgins takes you into all the areas of your life.

Where do you want to grow? Where do you want to dig? What do you want to expose? Amy’s work will help you move into it.Limitless Megan

For many years I’d wanted to connect with the goddess stories, but somehow I couldn’t fire my imagination into finding the meaning, or relevance for me. I felt disappointed and if I’m honest, even a little lacking. I suspected there was magic in those tales – something beautiful, primal, visceral – but it wasn’t revealing itself to me.

Until I met Amy.

Joining Amy’s online course, Bloom by Moon, unlocked the secret! I already knew Amy’s prowess as a storyteller was second to none, but what I marvelled at each month, was her special brand of gentle, probing wisdom. Asking questions and creating exercises which allowed me to extract my own meaning and significance from the goddess tales was where I found the greatest satisfaction in Bloom by Moon – and it continues to provide great fodder for my explorations of self.

Amy has gathered together that rich and substantial content in her Virgins & Lovers collection, and its high quality sets it apart from many other online courses. If you’ve struggled to discover your personal story in the ancient tales, or are simply looking for some new inspiration for your creative outlets, then I can vouch for this collection one hundred per cent.Julie Gibbons

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PS You may also want to check out Virgins & Lovers where you can purchase all 6 goddess guides!

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