It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to… Freya!!

Freya’s story is one which allows us to engage in the narratives of sexuality and shame that are running throughout our lives. With the media’s obsession over the ‘perfect’ feminine form, and the incredibly mixed messages we all receive regarding the expression of our sexual selves, you owe it to yourself to rediscover your own truth. And Freya will help you do that.

I originally shared my retelling of Freya’s story along with journal prompts, visualisation and creative exercise as part of my Bloom by Moon programme, before collating it, along with 5 other goddess guides in my Virgins & Lovers more-than-just-an-ebook. Now, I’m making it available for those who want to buy the material separately.

What you’ll receive…

  • Freya’s Story
  • Journal Prompts
  • Guided Goddess Visualisation (pdf transcript & mp3 audio)
  • Creative Exercise

My goddess guides are not interpretations of the stories, neatly packaged for you to swallow whole, rather they are materials and support to facilitate your own journey as you connect with each beautiful goddess.

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An excerpt from Freya’s Story…


“When you leave this place, you will no longer be a girl, but a woman. And not just any woman. You will be a priestess of Freya, a mistress of seidhr, a völva. It will be your role to wander the country, moving from one village to the next, bringing the grace of Freya to our brave people, working her magic and channelling her feminine powers.

As Freya performs her magic, her seidhr, in Asgard, so we völur perform ours in Midgard, our earthly plane.”

The fire, which had been blazing hours earlier, had now died down to low flames and burning embers. On one side sat an elderly woman, her long white hair lying in elaborate plaits over both shoulders, and her piercing blue eyes steadily fixed upon the small figure sat opposite. This woman was really no more than a girl. Her fair hair was free of the strands of white that would appear perhaps decades from now, and her skin was smooth and clear. Her hazel eyes gazed steadily back as the elder woman spoke to her, explained to her the way of the völur: the spiritual priestesses of the Viking people.

The young woman’s name was Astrid, and she had always been a little different from her peers. Set apart from her community by the way that she held herself, always distanced, refusing to join in the children’s games that had been so popular amongst the boys and girls her age, and always so serious. Those huge eyes of hers seem to hold within them the wisdom of past ages, her narrow shoulders the burden of her people’s pain and power, her strong legs the desire to run uninhibited and free.

Ever since she was little her obstinance had been legendary, and her stubbornness had only increased with her years. The only boy who had seemed interested in Astrid, was now married to another, spurned by Astrid’s cold disinterest. Her mother had fretted at her, shouted at her, shaken her… but Astrid knew that life as a village wife was not for her. She was born for a life of more importance than that. She could not bring herself to commit to a man who would then be her master. The very idea made her skin crawl in indignation.

The day the völva came to their village to perform the fertility rites, Astrid finally understood her purpose.

This story is a little different as it is framed by the experience of a young initiate who has been chosen to become a völva, a Shamanic seeress who held significant power in a staunchly patriarchal culture. The excerpt I have shared is from the opening pages, but I wanted to share a little more from the point at which the elder woman is describing the energy of Freya…

Freya is the sensation of movement we feel in the soles of our feet when we dance. She is the quickening we feel low down in our belly when we seduce and are seduced. She is the swift pace of our heartbeat when we step into our warrior self. She is the sparkle in our eyes when we communicate our desire.

Freya is love and she is war, for often those two keep close company. She speaks to us of passion and power, and she bows to no man, no god to keep her safe and small. She uses her sexuality to gain what she wants and she works her sexual energy to master her own power as a goddess and as a woman.

Want to know what others are saying about my work?

It’s a primer in how to speak the language of our souls once again. Not through exegesis – there’s no explanations or interpretations – not through talking or defining. Nothing like that. It takes you into story through exactly what you would expect: Story – rewritten, updated, made more applicable to me (to you) – and complimented with guided meditations and journaling prompts.

It’s learning the language of your soul by speaking to your soul with Amy as your go between.

Your soul is speaking to you, it has so much to say. If only you knew how to hear Her, She would enrich every aspect of your life (these are one of the things I know for sure) and Story is Her language, Story is Her medium: Story is your doorway into all the areas of your life.

As an introduction to Soul Whispering and story interpreting Amy’s project (Playbook) is by far the best I’ve encountered. It isn’t an academic tool for dissecting how story speaks to us, and it isn’t focused on just one subject (modern Goddesses say, or being our own Heroes) – like any good story should, Lovers & Virgins takes you into all the areas of your life.

Where do you want to grow? Where do you want to dig? What do you want to expose? Amy’s work will help you move into it. ~ Limitless Megan

For many years I’d wanted to connect with the goddess stories, but somehow I couldn’t fire my imagination into finding the meaning, or relevance for me. I felt disappointed and if I’m honest, even a little lacking. I suspected there was magic in those tales – something beautiful, primal, visceral – but it wasn’t revealing itself to me.

Until I met Amy.

Joining Amy’s online course, Bloom by Moon, unlocked the secret! I already knew Amy’s prowess as a storyteller was second to none, but what I marvelled at each month, was her special brand of gentle, probing wisdom. Asking questions and creating exercises which allowed me to extract my own meaning and significance from the goddess tales was where I found the greatest satisfaction in Bloom by Moon – and it continues to provide great fodder for my explorations of self.

Amy has gathered together that rich and substantial content in her Virgins & Lovers collection, and its high quality sets it apart from many other online courses. If you’ve struggled to discover your personal story in the ancient tales, or are simply looking for some new inspiration for your creative outlets, then I can vouch for this collection one hundred per cent. ~ Julie Gibbons

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