It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to… Artemis!!

Artemis is the goddess of goal-setting. She’s the goddess whose energy we connect with when we experience ambition and momentum. She invites us to work towards what we want with steady aim and unwavering determination.

My own experience of Artemis energy was while I was in the throes of my phd. I had my sights firmly set on the successful completion of my degree, and I went for it with furious focus. I can honestly say that it didn’t ever occur to me that I wasn’t going to complete what I’d started. I never once believed that my goal was unattainable.

And while the outcome of that was that I graduated – I successfully hit my target – my singular focus meant that, for a time there, I didn’t allow my attention to spread to my family, my beloved, my primary relationships. My personal life took a backseat to my professional ambition.

Paradoxically it was both my most unbalanced period of my life so far, as all my energy was focused on one area of my life, and my most balanced as I steadily navigated a clearly charted course towards my goal.

The Artemis Goddess Guide helps you to explore this paradox, this tug of war that you may experience between your personal and professional life, your family and your business.

I originally shared my retelling of Artemis’ story along with journal prompts, visualisation and creative exercise as part of my Bloom by Moon programme, before collating it, along with 5 other goddess guides in my Virgins & Lovers more-than-just-an-ebook. Now, I’m making it available for those who want to buy the material separately.

What you’ll receive…

  • Artemis’s Story
  • Journal Prompts
  • Guided Goddess Visualisation (pdf transcript & mp3 audio)
  • Creative Exercise

My goddess guides are not interpretations of the stories, neatly packaged for you to swallow whole, rather they are materials and support to facilitate your own journey as you connect with each beautiful goddess.

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An excerpt from Artemis Story…

Artemis lay along the length of a smooth rock, her left leg resting in the cold clear water of the pool. Sunbeams escaping through the dancing leaves of the many trees that surrounded the pool dappled the goddess’ bare skin and dried the damp fabric of her chiton, evidence of her post-hunt swim.

Nymphs and naiads rested also. Lying together, arm resting on stomach, head on chest, legs intertwined, these sisters breathed the slow sighs of slumber in absolute, complete abandon. Their confidence in their goddess’ protection was true and unquestioned. Here, they were free to act as they willed without the need to inhibit their desires, their expression, their autonomy.

The soporific atmosphere clung heavily to their limbs, and all that moved were the ripples that spread across the pool and stray curls of hair caught by fragrant breezes. Artemis’ face was graced by the blush of youth, her girlish figure rising and falling to the rhythmic cycle of her breath. Her long dark eyelashes fluttered in response to some deeply felt dream, and her smooth muscles beneath her light tanned skin reacted as she ran through her unconscious.

The sound of a twig breaking cut through the hushed silence of sleep, and in that same instant, Artemis’ eyes flew open. She was on her feet and running noiselessly from the glade. Her handmaidens remained in a state of repose, oblivious to their goddess’ sudden, fleet-footed departure. Her absence in the glade where she had lain only seconds before, with her hair pillowed beneath her head, fundamentally changed the space. As though she had been the source, the reason, the heart of the community, as though, without her there, an essential bond that existed between nymph and nymph and between nymph and land, had now dissolved.

Sending her senses out before her, Artemis sped through the forest. The soft woodland undergrowth tickled her calves and brushed the soles of her feet as she flew through the land that was so much a part of her. She knew this land like she knew her own skin. She was in the forest, and the forest was in her.

Running towards the sound that had awoken her, she recalled a similar occasion when she had risen from her slumber, naked skin caressed by the dying sunlight of late afternoon, only to find she was being watched by a pair of grey eyes. These eyes stared greedily at the perfection of her form, drinking in the planes of her body, the silken sheen of her skin. The hunter Actaeon had stumbled upon her resting place, and now he had taken the liberty of gazing upon her naked flesh.

Sprinting at full speed through the forest, Artemis’ cheeks flushed as she remembered the indignant rage which had consumed her then. Acting without conscious thought, Artemis changed Actaeon into a stag, which was then chased down by his own hunting pack before being torn to pieces by their vicious muzzles.

If the one responsible for the sound were to have taken similar advantage, Artemis would not falter in delivering a similarly swift and terrible punishment.

She slowed as she approached the place where she had detected the sound, and then stood stock still – a statue poised in the midst of the trees, bathed in the green light of the forest. A little off to the right, and about thirty paces or so forwards stood a beautiful doe. Her small antlers mimicking perfectly the twigs and branches that surrounded her; her liquid black eyes staring back at the aqua blue eyes of the frozen goddess.

Want to know what others are saying about my work?

It’s a primer in how to speak the language of our souls once again. Not through exegesis – there’s no explanations or interpretations – not through talking or defining. Nothing like that. It takes you into story through exactly what you would expect: Story – rewritten, updated, made more applicable to me (to you) – and complimented with guided meditations and journaling prompts.

It’s learning the language of your soul by speaking to your soul with Amy as your go between.

Your soul is speaking to you, it has so much to say. If only you knew how to hear Her, She would enrich every aspect of your life (these are one of the things I know for sure) and Story is Her language, Story is Her medium: Story is your doorway into all the areas of your life.

As an introduction to Soul Whispering and story interpreting Amy’s project (Playbook) is by far the best I’ve encountered. It isn’t an academic tool for dissecting how story speaks to us, and it isn’t focused on just one subject (modern Goddesses say, or being our own Heroes) – like any good story should, Lovers & Virgins takes you into all the areas of your life.

Where do you want to grow? Where do you want to dig? What do you want to expose? Amy’s work will help you move into it. ~ Limitless Megan

For many years I’d wanted to connect with the goddess stories, but somehow I couldn’t fire my imagination into finding the meaning, or relevance for me. I felt disappointed and if I’m honest, even a little lacking. I suspected there was magic in those tales – something beautiful, primal, visceral – but it wasn’t revealing itself to me.

Until I met Amy.

Joining Amy’s online course, Bloom by Moon, unlocked the secret! I already knew Amy’s prowess as a storyteller was second to none, but what I marvelled at each month, was her special brand of gentle, probing wisdom. Asking questions and creating exercises which allowed me to extract my own meaning and significance from the goddess tales was where I found the greatest satisfaction in Bloom by Moon – and it continues to provide great fodder for my explorations of self.

Amy has gathered together that rich and substantial content in her Virgins & Lovers collection, and its high quality sets it apart from many other online courses. If you’ve struggled to discover your personal story in the ancient tales, or are simply looking for some new inspiration for your creative outlets, then I can vouch for this collection one hundred per cent. ~ Julie Gibbons

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PS You may also want to check out Virgins & Lovers where you can purchase all 6 goddess guides!

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