It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to… Aphrodite!!

When we think of Aphrodite, we imagine a woman that conforms to the cultural ideals of our time. Through our media we are taught what beauty looks like, what sexy looks like, and we are discouraged from expressing any views that we may have contrary to that.

In my retelling of Aphrodite’s story I seek to challenge this conditioning, because I want you to reconnect with your beautiful, sensual self. And I want you to explore what love is. Not the kind of love that’s celebrated in Hollywood chick flicks, but genuine, romantic love, which, if we’re honest, always begins with a romancing of the self.

I originally shared my retelling of Aphrodite’s story along with journal prompts, visualisation and creative exercise as part of my Bloom by Moon programme, before collating it, along with 5 other goddess guides in my Virgins & Lovers more-than-just-an-ebook. Now, I’m making it available for those who want to buy the material separately.

What you’ll receive…

  • Aphrodite’s Story
  • Journal Prompts
  • Guided Goddess Visualisation (pdf transcript & mp3 audio)
  • Creative Exercise (includes a 2nd visualisation to encourage sensual exploration!)

My goddess guides are not interpretations of the stories, neatly packaged for you to swallow whole, rather they are materials and support to facilitate your own journey as you connect with each beautiful goddess.

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An excerpt from Aphrodite’s Story…

It is said that when the sea birthed Aphrodite from its blue depths, even the waves bowed their foamy heads to her exquisite beauty.

She rose up through the roiling waters, the sea-salt spray, full-formed and radiant. Her pearlescent skin shone as sunbeams danced across her unparalleled loveliness, and her long blonde hair swirled around the perfection of her naked body. She was carried across the surface of the ocean, held aloft upon an enormous scallop shell, accompanied by two dolphins as she approached the shore.

We, of course, were waiting for her.

We are the Graces, and if ever there was a goddess deserving of our attention, it was Aphrodite. We are the goddesses of splendour, mirth and good cheer, and presiding over us all, is the goddess Aphrodite: the goddess of love, the goddess of beauty, the goddess of sex. It was almost as though we were made to tend to her every need, so well matched were we to her, and she to us.

Setting foot upon the sand she walked into the world, and with that the lives of gods and men were never the same – forever altered by the birth of beauty and love. She smiled at us and we felt our senses played upon by the most delicious scents, tastes, sounds… We instantly devoted ourselves to her and her care.

And so when she began to walk up the beach, we could not help but follow her, and it was then that we saw that her effect was not just solely concentrated upon us. All that set eyes upon her, man, woman, beast, was similarly seduced by her presence. They would turn towards their mate with desire alight within their eyes, and then with entwined limbs, holding one another close, they lost themselves in love.

The moans and sighs uttered in her wake, rose from their earth-bound origins and spiralled up towards Olympus, catching the attention of the gods. Driven by their curiosity the gods descended to catch a sight of the being who had brought with her such an irrepressible surge of pleasure. This was surely a powerful being indeed that could so distract and delight all living beings within her sphere of influence.

It was perhaps inevitable. Beauty like that has a history of causing strife. The gods began to bicker amongst themselves, each arguing his case for marriage to this most alluring of all goddesses. Tempers flared. Threats issued. Demands made. And Aphrodite just smiled and made her way to Paphos with us, her handmaidens in attendance.

By the time she arrived at her destination, it had been decided. Zeus, sensing irreparable splits in the heretofore united Olympic dynasty, chose the one god who hadn’t made a claim for Aphrodite’s hand – the crippled Hephaestus.

Want to know what others are saying about my work?

It’s a primer in how to speak the language of our souls once again. Not through exegesis – there’s no explanations or interpretations – not through talking or defining. Nothing like that. It takes you into story through exactly what you would expect: Story – rewritten, updated, made more applicable to me (to you) – and complimented with guided meditations and journaling prompts.

It’s learning the language of your soul by speaking to your soul with Amy as your go between.

Your soul is speaking to you, it has so much to say. If only you knew how to hear Her, She would enrich every aspect of your life (these are one of the things I know for sure) and Story is Her language, Story is Her medium: Story is your doorway into all the areas of your life.

As an introduction to Soul Whispering and story interpreting Amy’s project (Playbook) is by far the best I’ve encountered. It isn’t an academic tool for dissecting how story speaks to us, and it isn’t focused on just one subject (modern Goddesses say, or being our own Heroes) – like any good story should, Lovers & Virgins takes you into all the areas of your life.

Where do you want to grow? Where do you want to dig? What do you want to expose? Amy’s work will help you move into it. ~ Limitless Megan

For many years I’d wanted to connect with the goddess stories, but somehow I couldn’t fire my imagination into finding the meaning, or relevance for me. I felt disappointed and if I’m honest, even a little lacking. I suspected there was magic in those tales – something beautiful, primal, visceral – but it wasn’t revealing itself to me.

Until I met Amy.

Joining Amy’s online course, Bloom by Moon, unlocked the secret! I already knew Amy’s prowess as a storyteller was second to none, but what I marvelled at each month, was her special brand of gentle, probing wisdom. Asking questions and creating exercises which allowed me to extract my own meaning and significance from the goddess tales was where I found the greatest satisfaction in Bloom by Moon – and it continues to provide great fodder for my explorations of self.

Amy has gathered together that rich and substantial content in her Virgins & Lovers collection, and its high quality sets it apart from many other online courses. If you’ve struggled to discover your personal story in the ancient tales, or are simply looking for some new inspiration for your creative outlets, then I can vouch for this collection one hundred per cent. ~ Julie Gibbons

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