This is real magic. This is practical magic.

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I wrote this in the final week of the last Practical Magic Business Circle… “Last night was the final check-in call for the current Practical Magic Business Circle. For the last 10 weeks, we’ve been gathering every Monday to share what’s been happening in our world and in our businesses – our challenges, our successes, […]

Introducing the Goddesses of the Next PMBC

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As nature begins to wake up to the deliciousness of Spring, I’ve been getting ready to host the next round of the Practical Magic Business Circle which opens its doors next Tuesday. As part of that preparation, I’ve been connecting in with the goddesses who are stepping forward to guide us there, and so, I thought […]

Yeah, but what is it that you actually do?

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So, I was setting up my pension with my brother last month. I figured it was probably time. I’ve been putting it off long enough, but now I just needed to bite the bullet and get it sorted. Time to grow up and be fiscally responsible – eep! (me and my brother – this is actually […]

Introducing Embody Your Mythic Astrology!

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The energies are stirring, my loves. Can you feel it? Something new is readying to be born…. something rooted deep in the ancient, in the mystic, in the mythic. As the mists begin to clear, we see the shape, the form, the magic of this offering that combines the wild wise ways of both Amy […]

I wonder which goddess will step forward for you….

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So, my lovelies, the 2016 My Word Goddess Readings are here! For the last 5 years (5!?) I have offered to connect people to their goddess for the coming year to act as a guide, a source of support, comfort, inspiration, and a powerful ally as we continue to step into greater and greater degrees […]