I wonder which goddess will step forward for you….

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So, my lovelies, the 2016 My Word Goddess Readings are here! For the last 5 years (5!?) I have offered to connect people to their goddess for the coming year to act as a guide, a source of support, comfort, inspiration, and a powerful ally as we continue to step into greater and greater degrees […]

Circling Sovereignty

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    You know, something really quite magical happens when you unplug from the stories spun by others about what it means to be successful. You get to step into the story which is yours – all yours. Your unique voice that tells the tales and narrates the unfolding story – chapter by chapter – […]

Singing Our Stories

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I listen to music all day long. It is my constant companion. My ever-unfurling soundtrack. And because I work from home, music becomes the thread that weaves throughout my business. I think it helps me concentrate. I think it helps me think. In all honesty, I think it helps me breathe. It’s always been this […]

Preparing For Magic

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Photo – Ring of Brodgar on Orkney – a sacred circle where the ancient ones stand watch as the centuries roll by. On Monday, the next round of the Practical Magic Business Circle will gather. I’ll open the secret FaceBook group, I’ll send out the invitations, and the women who have chosen to be there, […]

9 Posts On Business My Way

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I was thinking earlier this morning that I’ve written a fair amount about business and how I approach it. But I’ve never brought it altogether in one place… So, here it is, especially for you….   I Believe That Business Is a Creative Act Business to me was a strange mix of scary and boring. […]