A reflective pause…

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It turns out that the blog post I wrote in my head didn’t actually make it out into the world. I turned it over and over, running the possible articulation of what I wanted to say through my mind, and then failed to tap it out onto my keyboard, and click on the ‘Publish’ button. […]

A little mystery…

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A couple of weeks ago, I embarked upon a “mystery knitalong” – something which, I must confess, I hadn’t heard of until last year, and have never participated in before now. So, if the concept is new to you, a mystery knitalong is a pattern which is released in stages and which you knit in […]

Days like these….

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I have spent much of today writing. And I have loved it. The words flowed, the metaphors unfurled – naturally and without force – and the pace, the rhythm, the timing was quick and easy. Just how I like it. Writing days like these don’t seem to come all that often, but when they do, […]

Even more beautiful…

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The flowers that were waiting for me on my return from France are dying now. And yet, they seem even more beautiful to me now than they did before. 

Knitting shawls…

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I am knitting shawls. I find that I am becoming rather obsessed with them…. their links to ancestry, tradition, legacy, heirloom… the way they evoke the sacred, the holy, the mystery, the numinous… the possibilities woven into every stitch as a new fabric, a new text, is fashioned from spun fibre.  And as I knit, […]