The beginning is nigh….

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So, the weekend is nearly upon us, my loves, and then a new week will begin. As always, I will be sharing our goddess of the week in my free Goddess Guidance group on Facebook. However, I will also be celebrating the first day of the Practical Magic Business Circle with all those who have […]

Because I forgot what was important….

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Sometimes, I find that I get so excited about something that I let the wild horses of my enthusiasm gallop off chasing the potential of that which I am longing to call into being…. And then a wise soul sister will ask me a question which serves as a soft siren song to anchor me […]

A reflective pause…

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It turns out that the blog post I wrote in my head didn’t actually make it out into the world. I turned it over and over, running the possible articulation of what I wanted to say through my mind, and then failed to tap it out onto my keyboard, and click on the ‘Publish’ button. […]

A little mystery…

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A couple of weeks ago, I embarked upon a “mystery knitalong” – something which, I must confess, I hadn’t heard of until last year, and have never participated in before now. So, if the concept is new to you, a mystery knitalong is a pattern which is released in stages and which you knit in […]

Days like these….

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I have spent much of today writing. And I have loved it. The words flowed, the metaphors unfurled – naturally and without force – and the pace, the rhythm, the timing was quick and easy. Just how I like it. Writing days like these don’t seem to come all that often, but when they do, […]