I love giving gifts!! And I think you’re going to love this one…

Please do feel free to have a bit of a browse while you’re here. I have Goddess Guidance services, products to support your journey to connect with the different aspects of the goddess and the truly special Soulskin Readings. And there’s also the blog too, where you’ll find lots more free articles like those in Less Ordinary Living, and you can subscribe to my Full Moon Love Letters. Gosh – so much goodness happening round here!!

I put together this ebook a while ago with the intention of selling it. And then I decided that I wouldn’t sell it, I’d give it away to new subscribers. And then I was going to give it away on a Pay-With-A Tweet basis.

Instead I’ve decided that I just want to give it away, from me to you, as a gift.

In Less Ordinary Living, you’ll find a beautiful collection of 12 short personal essays on life, yoga and femininity. It’s a compilation of, what I consider to be, some of my best writing over 2009 & 2010. Most of these essays are no longer available online, so I’m really happy to share them with you in this beautiful e-book.

So, please do download it, grab yourself a cuppa and find beauty, inspiration and comfort in its pages.

If you do enjoy it, then I would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word about it by clicking on the share buttons below – I’d love to be able to give this gift to as many people as possible!


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