2018 My Word Goddess Readings

 available from 1st Dec’17 until 31st Jan’18


How would it feel to walk through 2018 knowing that

you had a goddess at your side? Your very own

goddess guide, a sacred companion, who keeps you coming back to

you, back to what’s important, back to your path.


For the 7th year running, I am offering the My Word Goddess Readings – an intuitive reading that hooks you up to your goddess of the year, and which helps you to choose a word as your touchstone, your mantra, for the year. These readings are by far my most popular offering with many many women returning year after year to discover which goddess will be accompanying them throughout the coming year. It would be a true honour to share with you which goddess is stepping forward as your guide in 2018….

*** What you will receive ***

* Inclusion in a sacred goddess ceremony where I will discern your goddess for 2018.

* A personal email from me including a pdf report which includes….

* An introduction to the goddess who has stepped forward as your guide with a quote, an evocation and a description of her so you can get acquainted with one another.

* 4-5 suggestions for your word of the year based on which goddess is stepping forward to meet you.

* As a new addition, I am also including 5-6 words based on an oracle card reading from your 2018 goddess.

* And another 7-10 words based on the January 1st 2018 transit of the asteroid named for your 2018 goddess.

* A link to my Pinterest account where you’ll find a board dedicated to your goddess full of pinned images that are evocative of her energy and the themes of her mythic expression.

* A number of journal prompts to deepen your exploration of your special connection to your 2018 goddess.

* And, this year, I am including a really very special extra which will only be available to 2018 My Word Goddess recipients, and which I plan to sell as a separate offering from February 2018. Let me tell you all about it…


The Goddess Mirrored

365 journaling prompts to reflect upon your goddess self

Throughout my years of experience as both a university teacher and as a goddess guide, I have developed and honed my skills at asking questions that shine a light on the multi-faceted gem of our own understanding. I have helped hundreds of students and clients to see their world from new perspectives, holding space for them to explore their thoughts, their ideas, their stories, while provoking and inspiring ever-expanding complexity, growth, integration and deep deep compassion.

So, for this year’s My Word Goddess Readings, I thought it would be a beautiful thing to share this gift with you by collating and creating a huge resource of prompts specially designed to support you in connecting to a wide range of goddess archetypes from across the globe.

How many prompts? Well, are you ready for this? 365!!

I have chosen 52 goddesses and written introductions along with 7 prompts for each. And for those of you who are keeping up with the maths, you’ll know that I’ll also be adding in one extra prompt that I believe you can ask at any point, and which will give you access to goddess wisdom. Thus, bringing the total to 365 – or 1 prompt for every day of 2018.

When I originally conceived of this idea, my vision was of morning light streaming in through large windows and shining upon an altar full of crystals and candles, shells and photographs, flowers and feathers. At the centre of the altar sits this beautiful bowl containing the names of 52 goddesses. Setting down a mug of hot tea and picking up a beautiful journal and my trusty purple ink pen, I take a few deep breaths to centre and settle my energy, before dipping my hand into the bowl to collect a name of a goddess. Having done so, I turn to this resource of goddess prompts, look up the name of the goddess that I have chosen for the day, and choose one of the 7 prompts listed to spark my daily goddess practice by writing out my response in my journal with my purple ink words spilling out upon the blank pages.

And so, my loves, you will not only receive a year’s worth of journal prompts, but you will also get a pdf printable of the names of all 52 goddesses whose questions are contained in this year’s My Word Goddess Reading gift. That way, you can print out the names, cut up the card, fill a beautiful bowl full of the goddess name cards, and begin your very own daily practice.

Doesn’t that sound completely delicious? And all yours when you purchase a 2018 My Word Goddess Reading!


What others are saying about these readings….

It has become a yearly ritual for me, eagerly awaiting My Word Goddess Reading to appear! More than a word to guide, I am met by the energy, mythology, and archetypal essence of the perfect goddess guide for my year. It is such a fun, magical process and has proven to be strong and loving anchor for my year. Each year gets better! ~ Sandi Davis, guide, intuitive coach & creative soul

Amy is a kind and gifted seer, mystic, and wise woman. I deeply respect her and her work…and just can’t get enough of either. Last year a dear friend and I signed up for Amy’s My Word Goddess Readings and oh my, how powerful an experience it has been. If you gift yourself nothing else this year, sign yourself up for one of these readings to light your way forward. Your soul will thank you for it! ~ Victoria Smith, magical living coach, writer, and wild-wise woman

Coming to the end of a year is always a time for reflection for me. This year I have been journeying with a ‘My Word Goddess’ from Amy Palko. Such a magical experience as always. Gyhldeptis, the goddess of community action, was new to me. So much to explore and experience. This month, November, I have come full circle and found myself meeting with Gyhldeptis again in my monthly Goddess Guidance reading, made even more poignant as this is my birthday month.

If you have yet to experience Amy’s work, you have delights in store. I wholeheartedly encourage you to dip your toe in at least and try a ‘My Word Goddess’ as a gift to yourself for 2018. Who knows where your goddess will take you?

Mary Lunnen, writer, artist, life coach at Dare to Blossom

I can’t recommend Goddess readings highly enough. For two years now Amy’s Goddess Readings have been a mainstay of my practices, a central guiding force and powerful companions to my evolution. I am so grateful to have the chance to receive this rich nourishment and am very eager to meet my Holy companion. ~ Jane Cunningham, artist, activist, conduit for love

It’s become a yearly ritual for me, as well. These readings really help me anchor in to myself…what I want and hope to achieve in the coming months. I must say this past year (my third reading from you, I think) was my most intense, and I mean that in the very best way. I really felt every month was focused on my word and what it meant to me, deeply + truly. So grateful that you do these, Amy. I look forward to them like a kid on Christmas. ~ Tracey Selingo, intuitive teacher & guide

My first goddess reading was this year. I used my favorite exercises on a monthly basis to connect with my goddess, and that gave me direction and helped me see new possibilities in my personal life & career. I’m excited to find out which goddess I get to work with this year! ~ Heather Cox, artist & social worker


Just to be super-clear…

When you purchase a My Word Goddess Reading, I will include your reading request in a sacred goddess ceremony, during which, through a process of ritual, meditation, and intuition, I will discern which goddess is stepping forward to meet you in 2018. This is all managed remotely, and there is nothing for you to do other than purchase your reading and wait for your email.

Readings will be sent out from the second week of December.

Once you’ve received your email, you can begin exploring your connection to your 2018 goddess through the attached pdf report that I’ve created especially for you to craft a meaningful and rich relationship with your 2018 goddess throughout the coming year.


2018 My Word Goddess Readings are £30, with the option to buy more for friends at £25 each 

To order yours now, simply select which option you desire from the drop down menu below, and complete your payment through PayPal. If the email address that you wish me to send your reading to differs from the primary email connected to your PayPal account, please let me know by including a ‘Note to seller’.

Every year, I have a lot of gift purchases as so many of you love giving the gift of goddess guidance to sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, and clients! So, to support your generosity, I’m also giving you a discount on all secondary readings.

If you are purchasing readings as gifts, you can add extras for £25 by selecting the quantity from the drop down menu prior to clicking the Buy Now button. I will send their reading directly to them, so please do let me know the names and email addresses of the recipients by contacting me directly. And if you want to purchase more than 10 readings, let me know and I’ll make the payment arrangements.

Your Reading + Extras


Readings will be sent out from the second week of December, and will no longer be available to purchase from February 1st 2018. Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Disclaimer – In accordance with UK law I must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy. The client is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial or medical advice. If you need legal, financial or medical or other professional advice please seek a licensed professional. Over 18s only.