Virgins & Lovers: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess – Launch Day!

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It is my enormous pleasure to announce that Virgins & Lovers: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess is now available for purchase – woohoo!!

I am completely beyond happy that I get to share Virgins & Lovers with you; a true labour of love, it’s the first in my Modern Goddess series and represents the bringing together of my creative writing and some of the skills I developed as a university teacher of English Literature.

My work is deep, resonant and transformational. The stories that you’ll read in the pages of Virgins & Lovers will (gently) rock you to your core, while the journal prompts, the visualizations and the creative exercises will help you reconnect to the deep well of feminine wisdom which is your birthright.

It’s already receiving high praise. Just check out what Julie Gibbons had to say about it…

For many years I’d wanted to connect with the goddess stories, but somehow I couldn’t fire my imagination into finding the meaning, or relevance for me. I felt disappointed and if I’m honest, even a little lacking. I suspected there was magic in those tales – something beautiful, primal, visceral – but it wasn’t revealing itself to me.

Until I met Amy.

Joining Amy’s online course, Bloom by Moon, unlocked the secret! I already knew Amy’s prowess as a storyteller was second to none, but what I marvelled at each month, was her special brand of gentle, probing wisdom. Asking questions and creating exercises which allowed me to extract my own meaning and significance from the goddess tales was where I found the greatest satisfaction in Bloom by Moon – and it continues to provide great fodder for my explorations of self.

Amy has gathered together that rich and substantial content in her Virgins & Lovers collection, and its high quality sets it apart from many other online courses. If you’ve struggled to discover your personal story in the ancient tales, or are simply looking for some new inspiration for your creative outlets, then I can vouch for this collection one hundred per cent. ~ Julie Gibbons

If, like Julie, you are looking to connect to the goddess stories and through them, reconnect to yourself, then Virgins & Lovers might be just what you are looking for.

You can find all the details and purchase from this special page that I’ve created for you: Virgins and Lovers: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess

Over the week, we’ll be celebrating this release of juicy goddess goodness into the world both here on the blog and on my FaceBook page.

I’ve got some truly beautiful and insightful interviews from modern women sharing their own personal connections to the ancient wisdom of the goddess, and I’m going to be doing mini goddess readings, so you’ll need to watch out for announcements throughout the week to make sure you don’t miss those!

Also, from tomorrow, I’m going to be sharing excerpts from all 6 goddess stories – I just know you’re going to love them!

Ok, so, if you have any questions about Virgins & Lovers, if you would like to interview me for your blog or you’ve got a review or testimonial of Virgins & Lovers that you would like to share, please do get in touch!

Without further ado, I pronounce Virgins & Lovers: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess launched!! May the goddess bless & keep all those who peruse her pages 😉

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  1. Vena Ramphal
    October 31, 2011

    After I worked with Amy I heard Aphrodite roar. (I know, I was surprised too.)


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