Summer Read-Along Roundup – Post 1

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On Friday I shared the first of my 4 posts for our Time-Traveler’s Wife Summer Read-Along, and today I want to share with you all the wonderful posts and responses that have been contributed by some of those joining me on this journey. They are wonderfully wide ranging exploring personal time-lines, the specifics of time travel, the search for cosmic balance and the presence/absence dichotomy of social media and blogging.

Please do go and visit them and join in the conversations!

My 17-year-old self, were she to time travel 20 years into the future, would be devastated I’m sure to discover she became so pragmatic, so bidden to the present moment, so able to move on no matter what. But she wouldn’t know the hard work that had to be put in to stop every single thing being intensified by absence.
Rachel Hawes ~ Journeying With the Time Traveler’s Wife: Week 1 – Time Heals

This week I’ve decided to focus on the theory of time travel. Time travel, for me, is pretty mind blowing. I get very carried away. If you go back and change an event, it has a direct effect on the future, to the point where you wouldn’t go back to change an event because the original event never happened. But then if you didn’t go back, then it would happen and you would go back and then it wouldn’t happen and so on and so on. This would lead to an infinite number of parallel universes multiplied by the number of people who can time travel.
Andy – The Time Traveler’s Wife – Part 1

Too many restrictions, shoulds and oughts (too much Law) and our life is drained of creativity and wonderful free expression. When Chaos abounds, then there is no form to the beauty and crucially, no ability to – as Seth Godin would say – ship it.
Julie Gibbons – Parallel Universe – Summer Readalong

Maybe we can’t time travel (yet) but we can move easily across countries, continents, languages, and time zones. We can get lost in online conversations and lose track of time. We can switch on too often and too soon, and lose focus and attention on what’s here, in front of you, in the real world, right here, right now.
Joanna Paterson – Social Media Presence, Absence, and Time

I also really wanted to share a quick quote from Annabel Wynne, which you can read in full over at my post We Are All Time Travelers. Please do feel free to visit the post, read the comments and join in with your own thoughts.

The idea of the adult self being able to go back in time and be kind and loving to the child self was very hard for me, but also rather beautiful and I think she somehow managed to pull that off without resorting to sentimentality. I think it’s one of those moments that we have with books sometimes – a moment that I’ll always remember.
Annabel Wynne

My next post will be up on Friday and I’ll once again be adding a space for you to contribute a link to your own blog posts. Our next roundup post will be a week today.

PS If you’re just finding out about this now, you can still join in! All welcome!

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